Vegan Mini-Quiches with Quinoa Crust by The Healthy Hipster

Vegan Mini-Quiches with Quinoa Crust by The Healthy Hipster

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Not only is there the pressure of making something delicious and presentable, but everyone and their shelter-saved puggle seems to have some sort of special dietary requirement. Today I whipped up a lunch that was just perfect for this sunny-but-cool November afternoon. Warm and savoury, balanced out with a fresh arugula salad and some crisp fruit. This whole batch would be ideal to bring to a holiday potluck, as it would please both vegans and meat-eaters alike. Or you could always do what I did and freeze them in packages of 2 for a quick heat-and-go lunch or snack. In the meantime mix together cooked quinoa, seasonings and oat flour. Scoop mixture into a well greased muffin tin – approximately 1 heaping tbsp per quiche – and make sure to press quinoa firmly to create a solid base. Add spinach last and pulse a few times until well combined. Scoop quiche mixture into each base – just shy of 1/4 cup per quiche. Try your best not to eat directly from the food processor with a spoon. It will be that good. Bake 30-40 minutes at 350 degrees. And there you have it! A fresh, hearty, inexpensive lunch you can proudly serve to just about anyone. secondly, I didn’t know one could make a quinoa crust, so thanks for sharing that! And congrats on getting featured on the kitchn. i’m in awe and must try this! Thanks so much for this! Let me know what the non-veggies think! Even my picky as heck “I won’t eat anything but macaroni” step son love them! Glad to hear it went over well! I love quinoa and I got my brother and mum hooked on the yummy stuff too. And I have to say, arugula salad goes with everything. I’m saving it and gonna use it and name it after you, of course.

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