Vegan Cooking Tips

Vegan Cooking Tips

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I thought it would be fun to start a thread were we all share our general vegan cooking tips. Cooking as a vegan can mean making modifications to classic methods, but also I think cooking vegan means getting the most out of your ingredients, specifically fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices. There is a lot to go over, and my knowledge is sparse, so I'm really excited to see what everyone else has to offer. I'll lay down some thoughts and maybe we can start organizing things in to something more coherent to list on the sidebar! This pretty much goes for all cooking in general. Food processor / Blender - This opens up all the wonderful worlds of hummus, pesto, veggie burgers, dips, aioli, and countless other dishes you can only truly make well with the power of machines! Cast Iron Pan - You want to sear some tofu? You pretty much need a cast iron pan! Proper care and maintenance is also important. Nut Milk Bag Essential for making almond milk and straining cashews and other types of delicious things. Since we eat a plant-based diet we really need to be experts on what grows in the ground. I suggest loading up Youtube and watching as many episodes of Good Eats as possible to learn the exact science, history, and cooking methodology of many vegan friendly types of food. Here are some of my favorites. They're all on youtube! Ground Flax Seed (1 TBS + 2 TBS water = 1 egg) - This has an amazing eggy consistency that produces a lot of volume but also a nutty flavor. This is great when making cookies, waffles, and even cornbread, but be aware that it does add a nutty flavor which may not always be desirable. Also Omega 3's are awesome and flax has a buttload.

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