Vegan Bopis

Vegan Bopis

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It feels good to be here again. I won’t divulge which ones so don’t worry . Although these dishes are undeniably delicious, they’re definitely not cruelty-free. Bopis is popular as pulutan or “beer match”. Feel free to have it as appetizer or snack with your ice cold beer. It’s simple and easy to make especially if it’s the vegan version. Saute the garlic and onion in oil until they’re fragrant. Add the mushrooms and Snow Fungus. Pour the vinegar and annatto mixture. Season with sea salt and pepper. Put the Bay leaves and Thai Chili. Lower the heat and simmer for about 8 minutes. Turn off the heat and sprinkle some black truffle salt. Once again, I had my mom and dad to taste test it and they approved with high remarks! It helped to let the flavors marinate a bit before serving. i love that you used mushrooms in place of pig, which makes it so much lighter, healthier, delicious, and vegan of course! Good thing I found these great alternatives Thanks for stopping by! And no “pig parts.” Nice! The snow fungus looks just like a type of wide egg noodle. I got my bag, by the way! And I’ve already taken it to the store. I’m glad you’re using the tote bag. And that is true about the snow fungus, they do look like wide egg noodles..hmmm.. I especially love the unique fungi in this dish like the wood ear and the snow fungus. I think that is a creative way to replace the pig parts. I’m going to pin this right now!

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