Tofu and Kale Scramble with super-easy "cheese" sauce

Tofu and Kale Scramble with super-easy \

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Thank you for being a part of it! Speaking of spending time with non-vegans – which I do often and I’ll bet you do, too – I wanted to tell you about my weekend. Sunday we went to a BBQ on Long Island.  The drive can be a bit long, and we wanted to enjoy adult beverages at the BBQ, so it seemed like a wise idea to spend the night with our friends (it was!).  My friends are not vegan or vegetarian so I offered to bring a couple of vegan dishes.  They insisted that they had the vegan menu covered. Such a beautiful, plant-filled plate! Grilled vegetables, a zucchini boat stuffed with vegan sausage and bread crumbs, a quinoa and pea salad, and a kale and chickpea salad. Wow, wow, wow!  I feasted like a queen!  We took the easy way out and brought vegan cupcakes and whoopie pies from Whole Foods, enjoyed by all. Have your non-vegan friends dazzled you with a fabulous, plant-based meal? The next morning I whipped up a tofu scramble for the four of us.  Making a vegan breakfast for three non-vegans – the pressure was on! I let it sit on the counter for a about 15 minutes while we enjoyed coffee.  I sprayed a non-stick pan with olive oil, sautéed two cloves of garlic,  and added the tofu, stir-frying for about 10 minutes. I added an entire bunch of kale – washed, drained and torn into bite-size pieces – covered and let simmer for about 10 minutes (long enough to wilt the kale). Dave toasted rye bread and prepped vegan sausage while I tried to figure out how to incorporate nutritional yeast into the breakfast.  I wanted to introduce it to them in a very tasty way. I looked through their refrigerator and bam, an idea! Quite a delicious weekend, wouldn’t you say?

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