Tocho with Pechay and Seaweed

Tocho with Pechay and Seaweed

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It has a distinct salty taste and should be used sparingly. Tocho uses fish but can be easily veganized with seaweed nori. For crunch and texture, I used “Pechay Baguio” or Wombok. Other greens may also be used like Chinese broccoli, bok choy, or spinach. Although it may sound difficult to make because of its complex flavors, the recipe is surprisingly simple.  Just saute all the ingredients in a pan and you’re done. Marinate for at least an hour. In a pan or wok over medium heat, saute the garlic with oil until it’s light brown. Add the tomatoes and onions. Saute for another 3-5 minutes. Add more fermented tofu for more flavor. To reduce the flavor, add more greens. Saute all the ingredients until tender. It’s okay if the tofu gets mashed in pieces. Mine got completely mashed into the sauce. Serve with steamed rice on the side. Tell me what do you think of the recipe and if you’ve done something different. Let me know what you find there, that’s a blogpost in itself! Growing up eating heavily meat based dishes, RG often wondered if there’s ANYTHING ELSE out there that would not only TASTE GOOD but also make you FEEL GOOD (no guilt). Lo and behold, she has discovered the delicious world of vegan dishes! (yes, that’s delicious and vegan in one sentence). Since then, she’s been blogging with fellow Astig, TJ, about recipes they either “veganized” or originally created. Both of them also love to organize vegan potlucks with friends, often kicking butt in the game of charades. They’re also dabbling into the catering world so if you want to have an Astig dish at your party, just give them a holler. The AstigVegan Pinays:TJ Basa started blogging about veganism in 2008 to help with the transition into her new lifestyle.

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