Taco Pasta

Taco Pasta

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Recipes so delicious you'll never think twice! The ingredients are likely already in your pantry and fridge- and if they’re not, you can make all sorts of substitutions with this dish! What has me so busy that I’m focusing on quick n’ easy dishes these days? I hate to complain because I know a lot of people have it worse than I do, but my life is a bit upside-down right now. This is actually kind of funny: I was updating my recipes page yesterday and realized I only have 2 recipes for salads. Does that make me a really bad vegan? Oh, and a little bit of housekeeping. Because Annie made it cool, I went ahead and had my Twitter account hacked, but all is back to normal so you should definitely go ahead and follow me. That’s all I got- I’m off to spend my long holiday weekend packing! UPDATED: And a little MORE housekeeping: I was just alerted to the fact that comments were disabled on this post. They’re also disabled on my Garlicky Pepper Tofu post. I didn’t do this on purpose, and future posts will absolutely have them turned back on. I’m glad someone told me… I was wondering why no one gave me any love on my tofu! You still want it to add some crunch to your dish! Stir in the RoTel and beans, taco seasoning and chili powder and let simmer until heated through, 4-5 minutes. Add the pasta, then stir in the Daiya, cream cheese and sour cream. Keep stirring (over medium heat) until it’s all nice and creamy, then do a taste-check. Now’s the time to add S&P and maybe some more chili powder. Add the cilantro and serve immediately.

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