Strawberry Hand Pies

Strawberry Hand Pies

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So I’m afraid the carrot cake is going to have to wait for the time being because right now I’m all about are these strawberry hand pies. I mean, I love all things strawberry, but we’re talking hand pies here. And let’s not forget the lemon drizzle. That recipe took so many failed attempts before I was able to get it right. The ruined ingredients and temper tantrums were well worth it in the end because I’m still so in love with this pie crust. It is however a tricky recipe to get right so I recommend going back to my original post and read the tips and tricks that shared with you then. Because the dough for this pie crust can be so crumbly before it cooks I don’t recommend folding these strawberry hand pies in half circles. Here’s a link to an example if you’re not sure what I mean.  Since there’s no gluten to hold things together like you get in regular pie crusts you’ll end with too many broken bits of dough. Now that we’ve got all those sticky details out of the way I’ll stop talking and let you jump right into it! If any of that sounds intimidating I promise it’s not that hard and the effort is so worth it in the end! Mix in the coconut oil and with a pastry cutter or fork with the flour. Keep mixing until you get a clumpy/sandy mixture and make sure to leave some of the coconut oil in small pea sized chunks. One tablespoon at a time, add in the ice cold water. Don't be tempted to add more than 6 tablespoons of water because then your pie crust will come out as one giant brick.

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