Strawberries + Avocado: Pink Heart Salad.

Strawberries + Avocado: Pink Heart Salad.

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Strawberries + Avocado: Pink Heart Salad. These two popular ingredients - easy to enjoy on their own - pair quite deliciously together. The bright, perky-sweet flavor of juicy berries bouncing off the cool, tender, oily flesh of the green avocado. I have paired the two in pitas, over top garlic hummus-spread toast, and over top salads. Today I feature them in a salad I obviously really LOVE... And to showcase the simple beauty of this pairing, I dolled up a salad. This Pink Heart Salad combines berries + cado, over top a fluffy bed of bright pink-toned Micro Red Amaranth. A simple, light, sweet lemon dressing over top, accents of red onion and tomato. So soft, silky and perky with flavor - I often crave micro greens. They not only make a dish very visually appealing, but they are loaded with nutrients. I buy mine from Whole Foods or TJs. If you don't have micro greens - a great PINK sub would be grated beets, shredded red cabbage or grated radishes! I used Micro Arugula in my tofu-topped Spring is in the Air Salad. Some info from "Micro greens are edible plants that originate from the seeds of herbs, vegetables and other plants. Unlike sprouts, micro greens deliver a wide range of powerful, developed flavors. The concentrated vitamins, nutrients and proteins packed into these tiny plants make them a perfect addition to any healthy diet." I usually use them as an accent ingredient, but this heart-shaped salad was a fun creation using the power of pink. So give strawberries + avocado a try! You can try the combo in this recipe, or slice over top your fave salad or open-faced sandwich recipe. Then the avocado and berries. Add the tomato and red onion as accents around the plate. Drizzle everything with dressing and additional pepper.

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