Seitan O'Greatness: Thai, Italian, Greek gyro, and BBQ variations [xposted from r/vegrecipes]

Seitan O'Greatness: Thai, Italian, Greek gyro, and BBQ variations [xposted from r/vegrecipes]

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What's In Your Pantry?: Seitan, Get Thee Behind Me! So I'm not a vegan, or a vegetarian for that matter, but I've been gradually eating a lot less meat these days. I just haven't really had a craving for meat and find myself reaching for tofu more often than anything else. Seitan, is cooked vital wheat gluten dough. Gluten is what makes bread chewy and well, bread-like. In Asian cooking, they use it as "mock duck" a lot of times. Tempeh tasted fine, but I didn't really care for the crumbly texture and wanted something more chewy. Having had fake chick'n strips made of seitan before, I thought I'd look into it.What I found was this Internet obsession with a particular recipe for baked seitan called Seitan O'Greatness. It looked simple enough to make, the reviews were rave all over the Internet and I happened to have all the ingredients to make a small test loaf. I made it according to the directions and came out with an intensely flavored, almost pepperoni-like log. I liked the texture, but the flavors were a bit too intense for me. Nevertheless, I was fascinated by the texture and ease of the recipe, so I went to my local Co-op and bought some more gluten and nutritional yeast and set to work.I made four 1/2 recipe logs making the adjustments below. I tried a nibble off each and they are SUPERB. Its so meaty and delicious, I can't wait to try them in all sorts of goodies. I think my first stop is the gyro, because apparently you cant really tell if its meat or not. I took a nibble off my Greek log and it really does taste like gyro meat. Mine probably wont be vegan, because I LOVE tzatziki sauce, but I'm sure you can make it with soy yogurt too.

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