Recipes For Easter- Alternative To A Bloody Menu -

Recipes For Easter- Alternative To A Bloody Menu -

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Maybe it is the full moon, maybe not. I was just beginning to start to write my usual Wednesday post about vegan muscles and proteins when a glitch in my mind gave me a sparkle. In Italy, where i am from, soon in this week about 900.000 young lambs will experience no resurrection at all. Of course, the vegan muscle can wait another week, my article today is about giving some ideas for some recipes for Easter, to at least open the windows to some alternative to a bloody menu. Lamb in Italy, Cod in Spain, Ham in U.S.A. the German bread stuffed with ham, Osterschinken im Brotteig, just to name few. On the English tables, we find a famous bread made with raisins, the Hot cross buns named this way for the typical cross cut on the top filled with frosting which is usually made using butter. we usually find this decorated plate, topped with flowers, in Serbia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, and in parts of Russia. Have you ever heard about Capirotada? if you spent good Friday in Mexico you definitely tried this sweet bread pudding covered in sugary syrup, various fruits, berries, and nuts. You might say, “I remember there was some cheese on it”, well, cheese is not an obstacle anymore. You can read the whole recipe here. Fanesca is a rich soup served in Ecuador during the week before Easter. It contains gourds, pumpkin, beans, grains, peas, corn… It is usually served with fried plantains. Fanesca also features nonvegan ingredients, such as milk, butter, and salted cod, but do not worry, click on the picture and you’ll get the vegan version. Let’s travel a bit more to the south and visit the kitchens of both Argentine and Uruguayan families. What do we find there, Torta pascualina, a delicious pie filled with spinach.

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