Raw Energy Bites, Quick, Healthy & Super Tasty (Clean & Vegan)

Raw Energy Bites, Quick, Healthy & Super Tasty (Clean & Vegan)

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Raw Energy Bites, quick, healthy & super tasty. You can pack in as many fruits and nuts and seeds as you like, play around with coatings and just create your perfect post workout snack or movie night treat. It’s all natural and ideal for a “clean eating” diet, best part is you can whip up a batch in around 15 minutes, pop them in the fridge and they’ll keep for 3 – 4 days no problem. I used to keep mine in the freezer but found that it dried them out slightly and made them way too crumbly, so I’ve been keeping them in a Tupperware box in the fridge. I’m a little nervous about tomorrow morning, I’m going to my first Boot Camp gym workout and I’ve done a couple of classes this morning that’s really taken it out of me, so my legs are already feeling a bit like lead, so tomorrow I’m hoping that I can stretch it out and fling myself into the boot camp… we’ll see. I spoke to a couple of the ladies today who said it was a great class but boy did they feel it the day after (and these are seasoned gym bunnies). I’m still practicing with my new camera, I’ve been working on presentation of food etc, but now I’m fretting because the lighting in my kitchen is pretty poor, it’s at the back of the house and we don’t get much light round there, so I’ve been dragging my kitchen table around the room trying to get the perfect daylight shot. I even took these energy bites out to the front of the house on the patio where the sun is shining bright, but then I started to worry about shadows… the list is endless!

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