Over 25 vegan Easter recipes!

Over 25 vegan Easter recipes!

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We weren’t super religious so I always assumed that it was because she loves Spring. Plus many people don’t have traditional family plans for Easter so she would invite all the strays that had no where else to go. It would turn in to a full on bash often with 40 plus people with a huge candy filled plastic egg hunt for the kids. Despite the fact that my immediate family is split up across three states now my mom still makes sure that my sister, our kids, husbands and I get Easter baskets. I am sad that my daughter won’t have memories of the same experiences we grew up with because they were always a lot of fun. Celebrations full of festive culinary delights, great company and lasting happy memories. Whatever your traditions are, whether small and intimate or large productions here is a list of food you can’t go wrong with. This entry was posted in holiday and tagged Easter appetizer, Easter bread, Easter Dessert, Easter Sides. I used to love that mess pregan. Everything sounds and looks amazing! I loved the deviled eggs! I’ve tasted everything else and it’s all pretty tasty.

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