Orange, Almond and Choc Chip Breakfast Muffins!!

Orange, Almond and Choc Chip Breakfast Muffins!!

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Even just for a minute... These muffins, however, I have no problem having a relationship. I'm possibly a little bit too into these actually, these muffins probably want me to give them a bit of personal space. They probably want to break up with me for being a little bit too clingy. Preheat your oven to about 180 degrees C.2. Put the flour, almond meal, sugar, bicarb, baking powder and salt in a bowl and mix well to combine and remove lumps (a whisk or a fork work well for this).3. Make a well in the centre and pour in the orange juice. Add the apple sauce, canola oil and orange zest and mix well.4. Just before cooking stir through the chocolate chips and chopped almonds.5. Either grease a muffin tray well or cheat a bit and use cupcake liners (which I did - it's just easier!!). Fill the tray/liners to the top and then bake for 22-23 mins. 6. Remove from the oven when they are golden on top and transfer to a cooling rack. First, you can just browse according to the Blog Archive (above) which lists all of our recipes, or secondly you can use the Labels (below) to browse the recipe via category which means that if you happen to have a big piece of pumpkin in the fridge and need some ideas just click the 'Pumpkin' label to see all the recipes we have using pumpkin, too easy. Or if you are in a particularly Pasta mood (which we are often in!) you can click on that label. If you like our blog please become a follower to increase the profile of our blog and/or post it to you facebook profile so that other people can find us. We really appreciate you helping to spread the word!But most importantly have fun reading our blog and please post a comment if you try one of our recipes and tell us what you thought!All recipes posted in this blog are the property of us only unless otherwise stated - please do not repost or reproduce without permission.

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