Mexican Car Bomb Cupcakes!

Mexican Car Bomb Cupcakes!

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Even just for a minute... Does anybody else do To Do Lists? I'm all over them, I think it's my control-freak tendencies. Make something for Holiday Recipe Club7. Cut out Mah Jong dress12. However, as you can see the good news is that I managed to cook something to blog :) Today's Holiday Recipe Club ingredients are pork, watermelon and beer. Pork is obviously out, and watermelon is a bit ridiculous at this time of year - being incredibly out of season and not that appealing when it's freezing and windy. Lots of possibilities, but I couldn't really settle on anything. What I ended up with were these cupcakes inspired by a drink called a Mexican Car Bomb. It's not a cocktail as such, it just means you take your corona and add a shot of tequila to it. I love Corona, it's delicious with lime and it's vegan friendly to boot! Using beer (or other carbonated drinks) in cupcakes makes for such a light and springy cake. These cupcakes are laced with corona and tequila with zingy lime icing on top. They're also perfect accompanied by a corona! Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.2. Combine the Corona, tequila, sugar,vanilla, lime zest and apple sauce. Sift in the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt and mix to combine.4. Put on a cooling rack and allow to cool completely. While they are cooling you can make the icing.6. Cream the margarine, lime juice and zest, vanilla and tequila together. Beat in the soft icing mixture until the icing is nice and fluffy. Ice cakes when they are completely cool and decorate with fresh slices of lime. Chadian Millet Balls with 3 Dipping Sauces (Peanut... First, you can just browse according to the Blog Archive (above) which lists all of our recipes, or secondly you can use the Labels (below) to browse the recipe via category which means that if you happen to have a big piece of pumpkin in the fridge and need some ideas just click the 'Pumpkin' label to see all the recipes we have using pumpkin, too easy.

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