Love Heart Melon Bouquet for a Vegan and Low Calorie Valentine's Day!

Love Heart Melon Bouquet for a Vegan and Low Calorie Valentine's Day!

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Even just for a minute... Because you should always do nice things for the people that you love! Sometimes I find that there are just a few too many occasions in the year in which overeating and 'indulging' are expected. Overeating is the order of the day on Xmas - usually at several Xmas gatherings (and often in the form of chocolates for Xmas presents), then suddenly it's New Year and it's champagne, cocktails and more parties. The beginning of the year is for recovery and getting yourself back on a healthier eating plan, but then suddenly it's Valentine's Day and you're facing more chocolate. Then before you know it around comes Easter and it's hot cross buns and LOTS more chocolate. Then there's his birthday, your birthday, your mum's birthday, dad's birthday - all of which mean CAKE and often dinner out at somewhere less than healthy (pizza, thai etc.) Then it's your anniversary and you're celebrating with wine/champagne, dinner out and yes, chocolates. Then around comes Xmas again and it all starts over! That doesn't even include friend's birthday's (more cake!) or weddings (open bar! Looking at that then it's no wonder that obesity is so rife in Western nations! Your body barely has time to recover before it's another onslaught of of 'special event' food. It's great to have so many things to celebrate every year and I love all the excuses to get together with friends and enjoy good food and wine. My solution is to try and make at least some of those celebrations healthy. That doesn't mean it's not special!! Honestly there are so many wonderful and healthy special things to eat and drink on your celebratory occasions. This bright bouquet of melon can be arranged in a vase or wrapped in cellophane and ribbon to give to somebody you love.

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