Lentil Wheat Sandwich Bread and Bean Stew Sandwiches.

Lentil Wheat Sandwich Bread and Bean Stew Sandwiches.

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Vegan Richa: Lentil Wheat Sandwich Bread and Bean Stew Sandwiches. The bread is hearty, sturdy and filling and at the same time soft and moist because of the cooked lentils. All the more nutrients from the lentils, the extra fibre and protein makes this one hearty loaf. Any thick puree like fruit or mashed things like potato or lentils keeps the bread moist and easy to eat by itself. Hubbs keeps expecting new creations everyday. I mean really, if I make similar Indian stews/Dal for 3 continuous days, he will ask me if something is wrong and if I am doing alright. All bean stews are gluten-free. This sandwich below has dark red Kidney Bean curry(Rajma), greens, red onion, pickled Jalapeno, Daiya Pepperjack. You dont need cheese in it. And another sandwich a few days later with the Black eyed Pea and Lentil Stew with Sriracha Tadka. You can use any thick bean/lentil stew. I know, pickled Jalapenos and Sriracha are the in thing this month at my house:). How do you like your Sandwich bread! More Yeast breads, plain sandwich breads, fruit, multigrain, savory and more here. Add flours, oil, cooked red/pink lentils. Knead into a smooth dough (6-8 minutes). cover with a towel and let rise until doubled. Knead and shape into a loaf. Sprinkle Oats or sesame seeds or flour. Cover with a towel and let rise for 40 minutes. Can be made refined oil free. Add herbs, spices, nutritional yeast for a savory herbed loaf. Cook in a covered pan on low-medium heat until tender. Or use 1/2 cup cooked red/pink lentils. In a large bowl, add warm water, yeast and sugar. Mix and let sit until frothy. In another bowl, mix the flours, gluten, salt and spices. Add oil, cooked lentils and water and knead into a soft dough.

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