Khmer Lemongrass Vegetable Curry

Khmer Lemongrass Vegetable Curry

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Even just for a minute... My aim is to get out of the country every winter because I don't cope too well with the cold, so we're heading off for a three week holiday in Sri Lanka! The sad news is that you won't be getting many posts from me during July! The good news is that I'll be eating lots of amazing Sri Lankan curry and I promise to share lots of photos when I get back. I have to admit I'm very excited about all the curry! Whenever I'm picking places to travel I always immediately think about all the amazing food I'll eat while I'm there - I guess it just shows how food-oriented I am! To celebrate me going to Sri Lanka and because I'm featuring Cambodian food this month, I'm giving you a delicious Cambodian curry. This is a super easy and really delicious curry, probably one of my favourites out of all the ones I've made (although I haven't been to Sri Lanka yet - so hopefully I'll learn a few new ones)! Heat oil in a wok and fry the pieces of tofu until browned on both sides, remove and set aside on some kitchen paper to drain. Add the eggplant and saute until the eggplant is softened.3. Add the paprika and curry powder and fry for another minute or two.4. Add all the rest of the ingredients (including the tofu you cooked earlier) and bring to a simmer.5. Simmer for about 20-30 minutes, or until the potato is cooked. If you can't find any, check the Asian section of your supermarkets for anything which is labelled as "Stir Fry Sauce" with no other specific descriptions. These generic sauces are usually vegan friendly (you will have to check the back to make sure) and are made from either mushroom stock or a soy bean product.

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