Jackfruit Tacos

Jackfruit Tacos

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These are super easy, but they take a little while. Most of that time's not active, though, so you can make your own tortillas (and you really should be making your own tortillas -- they're super easy and delicious) or some guacamole or whatever, or just sit back and enjoy a cerveza instead. I didn't really follow a recipe and was just sort of winging it, but here's basically what I did. Put the first 5 ingredients in a blender and liquefy them. Add them to a sauce pan with the jackfruit and bouillon. Bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for an hour, stirring occasionally. When the jackfruit's tender and the sauce is sufficiently thick, mash them with a potato masher. Stuff it inside some tortillas and top with your taco fixings of choice. (I used onions, cilantro, and avocado, but you know... This makes enough for probably about a dozen tacos. So if you want less, just halve the recipe. I forgot to take a picture, but these look delicious. Kind of like pulled pork or something and they're super meaty, too. This would be a good dish to serve to an omnivore you're trying to get on the team. you can just wing this with what you have on hand. I had the onion, garlic, beer, and chipotles already so that's what I used. But you could really use water and whatever your mexican seasonings of choice are or just whatever you have on hand. Next time I think I'll try roasted fresh chilis and then some toasted, ground dried chilis with maybe a little cumin instead of the chipotles in adobo. I'll probably add some oil, too. These were good, but could have been improved by some fat.

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