I made the homemade vegan butter recipe! So good! (Save orangutans!)

I made the homemade vegan butter recipe! So good! (Save orangutans!)

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Vegan.com and Bryanna Clark Grogan rocked the vegan culinary world last month when they unveiled Bryanna’s Homemade Palm-Oil Free Vegan Buttery Spread.  The funny thing is, I have had a recipe saved since last month; I was listening to an Our Hen House podcast where Jasmin Singer talked about a homemade vegan butter that she used for a cookie recipe. I emailed her immediately and she hunted down the recipe:  How to Make Vegan Butter. It’s a small vegan world! It turns out that this recipe by Mattie on VeganBaking.net is what Bryanna based her new, buttery spread recipe upon.  Mattie uses coconut oil  and Bryanna uses cocoa butter. Both use soy lecithin but Mattie’s recipe offered granule or liquid options and Bryanna’s recipe only liquid.  I had coconut oil + soy lecithin granules in the cupboard so I knew which recipe I needed to use! Why make homemade vegan butter when it’s so easy to buy at the store? Please take a moment to watch this beautiful video, which introduces you to orangutans, describes the impact of palm oil production on them and the organization that works to help them. I’ve been anxious to find a vegan butter option, without palm oil, that is easy to make, melts, and tastes good. I found it:  How to Make Vegan Butter. Seven ingredients = homemade vegan butter! Essentially two steps later and you’re pouring a very creamy mixture into a mold. An hour later, out of the freezer. Slides out of the mold easily. Perfect in mashed sweet potatoes. Perfect on mashed sweet potatoes. Bring water to a boil. Wash and quarter the sweet potatoes. I left the skin on the potatoes. Cover the pressure cooker and bring to pressure. Cook at pressure for 6 minutes.

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