Happy Day Hot Dogs – Gone Smart

Happy Day Hot Dogs – Gone Smart

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One that brought a smile to your face when you were young and one that today makes your kids go gaga – and glow with anticipation. You might answer with ice cream. Well I’d like to plead my case for the classic happy American hot dog as the happiest of happy kids foods. For me, hot dogs bring back happy memories of summertime beach barbecues, backyard picnics, birthday parties, ball parks and outdoor adventures like camping trips. Playing in the sunshine outside. But lets face it, traditional hot dogs are not exactly healthy. Made sometimes from bottom of the barrel meat products – nitrates and all – gobs of sodium and fat. And we all want to feed kids yummy and healthy foods. Time to give your dogs a smart summer makeover! I have a delicious option for you – in fact these are some seriously smart dogs.. Hot dogs are ridiculously easy, and the whole family can customize their own dog however they choose – and most kids can even add their fave toppings themselves. No fussing over pizza or sandwich toppings. I recently noticed how much my 4 yr-old nephew drooled over his grilled hot dog – and so I wondered why my sister hadn’t tried “Smart Dogs” – aka soy hot dogs. They look exactly like real hot dogs – and when you add your fave toppings – they taste pretty much the exact same. The texture and aroma is identical – and the taste is just about perfect as well. ..So did the kids love the Smart Dogs I made for them? Plus smart dogs are totally nitrate and msg free - and one jumbo sized smart dog (1 link, 76g) contains only 80 calories, 1g fat (0g sat fat), 490mg potassium, 2g fiber, 15g protein, 3g carbs. The sodium is still quite high at 560mg – but I think that salty dog flavor is what gives them the crave-factor.

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