Grilled BBQ Soy Curls and Cabbage Sandwich

Grilled BBQ Soy Curls and Cabbage Sandwich

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It didn’t take long on my vegan journey to discover that outdoor cooking is perfect for plant-based foods. I grill romaine lettuce, asparagus, peppers, tofu, tempeh, veggie burgers (natch), and more. The baskets serve as a starting point for grilled burgers (they can crumble!) and tofu (it can fall through the grill if flipped too early) before I place them directly on the grill for some fabulous grill marks right before serving. I also use the baskets for veggie mixes such as onion, mushrooms and peppers. I grabbed the longer, flat basket to test out BBQ soy curls on the grill. I rehydrated half a bag of Butler Foods Soy Curls. After draining them I sprinkled two tablespoons of chik-style seasoning over the curls and let them sit for about 15 minute. Then I got all intuitive and simply starting adding things to the bowl of soy curls:  ketchup, maple syrup, liquid smoke, chipotle powder and onion slices. I sprayed avocado oil on the grill basket and fired up the grill. Instantly a sweet barbecue aroma filled the air.  And that’s when I decided I’d make a big ole grilled soy curls sandwich – so I tossed everything on the grill. I grilled the soy curls for about 15 minutes, stirring frequently, the cabbage for about eight minutes (flip at four minutes), and the peppers and bread for just a few minutes (long enough to get grill marks). Hot off the grill I sliced the cabbage and peppers and assembled them into a sandwich and spread a vegan mayonnaise + chipotle powder mix on the toasted bread. Share this:Like this:Like Loading... Before you grab one of my photos, read this! is also an affiliate with the GUNAS brand and The Veggie Queen's The New Fast Food.

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