German Apple Pancakes (Pfannkuchen)

German Apple Pancakes (Pfannkuchen)

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Even just for a minute... I'm very, very happy to tell you that October will be German Food month on Gormandize with A-dizzle & K-bobo! All of October (or should I say Oktober?) there will be vegan recipes for tasty German treats being posted as I try out my hand at some German food. I've already made a start and have chopped up some cabbage which is fermenting now to give me some lovely (I hope!) sauerkraut. I'll definitely report back on how this goes later in the month. Thanks to reader Zane who requested Germany, if you'd like to request a country to be featured then jump here and do so. But I'm starting us off with something nice and easy. Pfannkuchen (pancakes) are not traditionally eaten for breakfast in Germany, but are considered more of a sweet or dessert. I however, being in Australia, made these for breakfast. Not because I was snubbing a German custom, but because I really felt like eating these for breakfast this morning. I made a variation on traditional German pancakes, which are usually made without the apple and are served with apple sauce, jam or canned fruit. These apple pancakes use thinly sliced pieces of apple cooked into the pancake which was a lovely variation in texture and flavour to the pancakes. I'm sold on the idea, as it is nice to have pancakes which aren't exactly the same with every bite. I think I will start putting fruit in my pancakes more often now! Combine the flours, baking powder, sugar, cinnamon and salt in a bowl and mix well. Add the soy milk and mix through to form a thick and stick batter. Thinly slice the apples and place in a bowl with the lemon juice. Get everything ready and at hand to cook (frypan, ladle, spatula, margarine, apple slices).

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