Finally made my own Carrot Hot Dogs!

Finally made my own Carrot Hot Dogs!

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Briefly carrot hot dogs entered the world of vegansim with a flash and were all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They still are present but not quite at the forefront. Though past their initial hype, they still deserve their own spotlight because, damn, they are good! This recipe uses some yummy and perhaps unexpected ingredients in the marinade that make the flavors really pop when you fry them up or grill them! Perfect for the coming Spring and Summer season, they are sure to be a hit at picnics, potlucks, and barbecues. They are also incredibly easy and inexpensive to make! I always really loved hot dogs growing up. Being vegan now, I do enjoy the premade vegan alternatives, but knew I had to try the carrot hot dogs once I realized just how easy and inexpensive they are! A bag of organic carrots costs a few dollars at most grocery stores and non-organic is often maybe an entire dollar! Plus the little bit of things you will put in your marinade, it will add up to a very inexpensive and delicious meal!  Make our recipes, take a photo, tag us, and use #twocityvegans so we can drool over your pics. Boil them until fork goes through them. Be sure not to over boil so they fall apart. Once done, run under cold water. Create the marinade by mixing all the ingredients together. Soak the carrots for at least 4 hours in the marinade, more if you would like. Rotate them after a couple hours. When ready, fry them in a frying pan with a small amount of oil until browned on all sides. Notes You can change the marinade to your liking. Visit Two City Vegans's profile on Pinterest.

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