Eating Vegan in Sri Lanka - a photographic food diary.

Eating Vegan in Sri Lanka - a photographic food diary.

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Even just for a minute... Beautiful scenery, wonderful people and delicious food! But of course, this is a food blog - so lets get to the food!! I took a few pics along the way so that I could share with you the great curries, I also took a cooking class in Unawatuna so that now I can make these delicious curries at home! Finding vegan food is very easy in Sri Lanka, as "Vegetable Curries and Rice" are on every menu and they are naturally dairy free - often using coconut milk and cream as their base. When you order vegetable curry and rice, you don't pick your curries, they just bring out a selection of vegetable curries, chutneys, sambals, papadums and rice. Most of the guest houses we stayed in offered an option of ordering Western Breakfast (eggs, toast, jam, tea/coffee) or Sri Lankan Breakfast (curry, hoppers of some kind, curries, tea/coffee). I've always been a fan of eating savoury foods for breakfast, as I just don't really like many of the breakfasts typical of Western countries, so I actually loved the curry for breakfast - although we didn't manage to do it every day for three weeks! I admit we had to go for toast some mornings. A Sri Lankan breakfast of rice & coconut milk squares, hot onion sambal and bananas. The spoils of our amazing Sri Lankan cooking class in Unawatuna, more pictures and details to come later! First, you can just browse according to the Blog Archive (above) which lists all of our recipes, or secondly you can use the Labels (below) to browse the recipe via category which means that if you happen to have a big piece of pumpkin in the fridge and need some ideas just click the 'Pumpkin' label to see all the recipes we have using pumpkin, too easy.

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