Easy Mini Nacho Pizzas!

Easy Mini Nacho Pizzas!

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This recipe is also a perfect way to use up leftover jars of salsa in your fridge! Serve with a fizzy citrus sip. This recipe includes protein, veggies and bubbly vegan cheese deliciousness.. I made these fun bites during the Super Bowl and decided that they are more than just appetizers - they are perfect as entree mini pizzas. I paired them with some guacamole and lively spinach salads tossed in a agave lime dressing. Preheat oven to a warm temperature - around 350-400 degrees. Pull apart your English muffins. Add either the salsa or refried beans to the muffin bread. Then add the vegan cheese and veggie toppings. Place on baking sheet and place on top rack in oven. Allow to bake for about ten minutes at 400 degrees. Then for an additional 2 minutes, broil so that the tops get bubbly and blackened. Serve warm with fresh avocado on top. Cilantro would make a nice garnish. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. All images, recipes, and content is Copyright 2007-2012, unless otherwise noted. Do not reproduce any image, recipe, or content without written permission.

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