Daiya Cheese Recipe Roundup. Yum. What's your favorite Vegan Cheese?

Daiya Cheese Recipe Roundup.  Yum. What's your favorite Vegan Cheese?

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As always, to be part of our recipe roundup, all we need is a recipe with a photo that makes us go "Must try that!" If you would like your recipe featured in our recipe roundup, make sure we see your photo! Vegan Cheesy Crusted Potato Portabella Steaks from Busy Vegetarian Mom. Crusty cheesy breadcrumb topping on mashed potatoes all on top of a portabella? That's what we're talking about! These are made with the Daiya Cheddar style shreds as well as onions, balsamic vinegar, and horseradish. Busy Vegetarian Mom, do you deliver? Vegan Veggie Pizza from Stick to your Greens! For those of you who want to make a pizza totally from scratch, this is the recipe for you! This recipe includes instructions on how to make both the sauce and the crust all by yourself. Don't forget to load it up with veggies and a mixture of the Daiya Mozzarella style and Cheddar style shreds. This pizza was featured as our Recipe of the Month on the Daiya recipe page and has been a huge hit with the fans. Vegan Hashbrown Omelet from Vegan Miam. Rika, the genius behind Vegan Miam, just loves tempting us with all of her amazing food photos on a regular basis. Easy Vegan Artichoke Frittata from Lizz Delicious. This recipe has all the right flavours going on: sundried tomatoes, artichokes, mustard, turmeric, garlic, onion, marjoram, and Daiya Cheddar style shreds, all in a tofu base. Perhaps we should start having frittata brunch at the Daiya office... Brown Rice Cheeseburger from Vegan Menu. This must be what heaven tastes like! Those are our top 5 favourite recipes for the month of June. If you would like to have your creation featured in our Recipe Roundup, don't forget to send us a link to your blog.

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