Crispy Vegan Binagoongan

Crispy Vegan Binagoongan

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Unfortunately life gets in the way and there are times when I don’t have the time to try the recipes I’ve discovered. When I need something quick, I resort to recipes ready to serve in less than 15 minutes. I’m veganizing it with crispy tofu and black bean sauce. I remembered that I have this recipe when I watched guest blogger Marie Gonzalez, the Kitchen Revolutionista who talked about her bagoong recipe on one of her guest videos. Another rad person who gave me the idea is fellow foodie, Fred Briones. Fred whipped up a vegan binagoongan dish at our Astigvegan potluck with Kapamealya last year. In fact, he did a live cooking demo (I remembered just the gist though). Fred said that his binagoongan was inspired by Filipino chef, Dominic Ainza. I do not have the exact recipes Marie, Fred, and Dominic used. I’m guessing theirs involved intricate process that would result in an in-depth, out of this world vegan creation. I have to wait until they reveal their secret recipe-IF ever they’re going to! Using the same pan, saute the tomatoes and onions until tender and fragrant. If you like to make it spicy, add the thai chili. Add the tofu back to the pan as well as add the black bean sauce. Mix until the flavors marry. Adjust the black bean sauce according to taste. My hungry tummy thanks me big time for this, and I hope yours will too. you can buy it at Whole Food Market. The black bean garlic sauce is readily available at most grocery stores. After a long day of pretending to be nice! Anyway, I made this dish using a package of ‘Veggie Chicken Wings’ (a vegan soy faux meat I found in my local Asian supermarket) and cubed eggplants instead of the tofu, and LeeKumKee black bean garlic sauce.

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