Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes!!

Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes!!

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Even just for a minute... Does she want me to get fat?". The answer is no, I do not. I can also safely say that these pancakes will not make you fat. They are vegan, low in fat and are actually just as healthy as regular pancakes. The reason for this is that the things that are really bad for you in chocolate are the sugar and the milk fat or butter fat. These pancakes are made with cocoa, which makes them practically healthy because cocoa is actually really good for you. Just add a small amount of your favourite non dairy margarine or butter and off you go! You can use any jam you like, but I recommend sticking with berry based jams. So try them with strawberry jam, blueberry jam, blackberry jam, strawberry and mulberry jam or even strawberry and rhubarb jam. Pancakes are also a traditional dessert food in countries such as Sweden, so you could add a touch more sugar and serve them with some whipped cream or chocolate sauce for a different and easy dessert. Mix the soy milk and vinegar in together and set aside for a few minutes (it will curdle slightly).2. Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients and pour the milk into it. Use a whisk to combine.4. Mix the jam with the tsp of hot water to thin the jam out slightly.5. Add the jam into the pancake batter and mix through.6. You should be able to cook about 2 at a time. Once bubbles start to appear around the edges you can carefully flip them over and cook the other side. They should need about 3-4 minutes on each side, but check to see how they look and you can cook them a bit longer or a bit less according to preference (and how hot your stove is!)7.

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