Chana Masala Hummus, cherry tomatoes, Veggies Rustic Pizza /by Hobby & More (look sooo yummy!)

Chana Masala Hummus, cherry tomatoes, Veggies Rustic Pizza /by Hobby & More (look sooo yummy!)

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Hobby And More: Chana Masala Hummus, cherry tomatoes, Veggies Rustic Pizza. I had some dough from the day before. So a quick veggie prep... a tossed up spicy hummus and voila!The pizza toppings have indian flavors with the Chana masala Spice hummus, some grated fresh ginger and cilantro garnish.. You can make it your own to taste! For a GF version, use the Oat Sandwich Loaf dough. Add some Oats flour after the first rise to reduce stickiness, pat it down into desired size. Top with hummus and toppings. Spray water liberally on the pizza edges, and bake as mentioned below. Also below is my basic Pizza dough. Half whole wheat, half bread flour. I sometimes add some herbs and garlic to the base for added oomph! As I am editing the pictures, I am craving a light roasted garlic and tomato version! Pizzas end up being last minute put together meals and no one wants to wait for a photo session.. Who likes a cold Pizza!:) The Pizza dough can be easily doubled and also refrigerated. Take it out and let it rest for half an hour or as I sometimes do, I just put the container(I usually store in a glass container with a lid) in a warm oven for 10 or so minutes until it dough becomes pliable. What is your favorite Pizza topping? and your quick go to lunch. Ingredients: Makes one 9-10 inch PizzaPizza dough:1/4 cup warm water1 teaspoon raw sugar1 teaspoon active yeast1/2 teaspoon salt2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil1/3 cup bread flour1/4 cup whole wheat flourMethod:Add yeast and sugar to warm 1/4 cup water, mix and let sit until frothy(5-7 minutes)Add 1/4 cup whole wheat flour, 1/4 cup bread flour, salt and evoo and mix with a large spoon.Add a Tablespoon or more bread flour to get the dough together into soft not too sticky state.

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