Cashew Cream Sauce with Sun Dried Tomatoes

Cashew Cream Sauce with Sun Dried Tomatoes

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Much of the day was spent in the green house repotting sage and echinacea and snapdragons and tomatoes and peppers and nasturtium and three tiny lavender that I'm not giving up on. And dinner was a perfect cap to the day. I had grilled asparagus and cantaloupe and bread and pasta. This pasta sauce is striking. It's got canned and sun-dried tomatoes with plenty of thyme and miso and a squeeze of lemon juice. For some time, I've wanted to create a sauce that had the strong flavor of sun dried tomatoes without being overpowering. After a few test batches, I came up with this. While the water is heating, combine all ingredients except the can of diced tomatoes in the blender.  Add three cups boiling water and blend thoroughly until the sauce is smooth and creamy.  Add the undrained can of diced tomatoes and pulse for a few pulses.  Pour over the cooked, drained pasta and let set for a couple minutes, stirring occasionally. It's a monster:  heavy duty, huge capacity and blends everything--and i love it.  But I've also had a $20 Oester and a stop-gap $7 blender off brand blender.  They all do the job.  There are two keys with blenders and hot liquids.  First, Take the center piece out of the lid and cover the lid with a paper towel.  When you blend hot liquid, it builds up pressure and will explode.  With the center piece out, there's no pressure.  Second, don't overfill your blender.  I try to keep the blender no more than 1/2 to 2/3 full.  Smaller batches always blend better anyway. I use sundried tomatoes in my marinara and alone with scads of veggies but have never tried a 'cream' sauce. I cannot wait to try this with soaked cashews!

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