Basic Pressure Cooker Vegetable Stock Recipe

Basic Pressure Cooker Vegetable Stock Recipe

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Many of you, via comments and email, have asked how to make your own broth.  Finally, after making it just about every weekend for the past couple of months, I think I’ve got a formula down that works perfectly, for me. Add oil and water to the pressure cooker and heat on high (uncovered). Add all spices and salt. While the water is heating coarsely chop your vegetables and scraps (I toss in a full onion in quarter pieces, halved garlic cloves unpeeled, etc.). Add the vegetables to the pressure cooker, cover and bring to pressure. Cook at pressure for 10 minutes and allow for a natural release. Use tongs to squeeze out every bit a veggie broth possible. If you want to use a crockpot, cook on low for 8 hours. For a stove top stock, bring to a light boil, reduce to medium-low heat and simmer for an hour or longer. Back tomorrow with the first recipe I made with this particular batch of homemade broth. I tried the stove top method this past weekend (it was my first time) and I royally screwed up. I didn’t research enough about it and I had scraps from cabbage and broccoli in my bags. So I’m starting over and I love the idea of doing it in the pressure cooker! Until I ran out of room to store them in my freezer. Now I have to buy broth. I have so many things stuffed in their I’m afraid to open it! So got my trusty bag of scraps out and did the 8 cups of water and some salt. Lo & behold when it was done and I tasted it….it tasted a little bitter. So went back to re-read your recipe and realized I forgot the bay leaves and spices.

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