Another Easter Idea: Panoramic Sugar Eggs

Another Easter Idea: Panoramic Sugar Eggs

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To me Easter is all about celebrating Spring, and nature, and cutesy bunnies, and carrots, and life!!! First and most important, what to eat? This year I’ve been a little busy to dream up an awesome feast for my family. I’ll be eating with my mister, my sister, my dad and his lady, my-in-laws, and my brother-in-law. We invited a bunch more family to show up but I’m not counting on anyone else. Since most of them are carnivores, there will be turkey. And I know it will stink as its carcass slowly burns all day long. I mean vegan, vegan, vegan! So I’m hoping to get inspired at the grocery store by lots of pretty fresh spring veggies. I’m thinking a beautiful salad, a potato dish, green bean casserole (with fresh green beans of course) and a cake. I can’t wait to get cooking! I used to LOVE dying eggs. Since we lived in the mountains my family had a tradition of throwing our left-over dye into the snow to make a bunch of groovy abstract paintings. As much as this tradition warms my heart, the thought of chicks suffering just so I can play with pretty colors, cools it quickly. Here are the directions we followed last weekend, we just substituted egg replacer for all the egg whites. It made our royal icing a little drippy, but we’ll get better next year! ¬†Pictures of the results after the break. This entry was posted in General Bragging and tagged Cooking, Crafts, Cute, Easter, fun, Spring, vegan, Veganism. Notify me of new posts via email. Don't forget the Maalox! Don't quite get it but I'm slow like that!

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