A Vegan Quiche to Die For

A Vegan Quiche to Die For

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Tagged: Food, healthy, quiche, recipe, spring, tofu, vegan, Vegetarian. As you will see I have included my favourite combination of peas, lemon, garlic, basil and mint – such classic flavours which instantly make you feel like its summer! I have also added watercress because it is in season right now and is so delicious and very good for you. I was feeling a bit conscious that I use these flavour combinations a lot, but they work so well and each recipe is so different! I don’t eat a lot of tofu but I do buy it when I just fancy something easy, there is so much you can do with it, it’s a great vehicle for stronger flavours and it is low fat. Creamy vegan filling in a crispy pastry case! I definitely preferred this quiche served hot however it would be nice to make a head and eat at room temperature too as part of a buffet. When I think of quiche it brings up memories of party buffets with sausage rolls, egg sandwiches, chocolate fingers and lemonade! I’m not sure back in those days, when I was a kid who couldn’t get enough of those styles of buffet, that I would one day be making my own version made of tofu! Maybe deep down I knew because I was one of the few people who would fill my plate with the salad garnish before adding the more unhealthy options. In case any one was wondering, I have still been following a mostly gluten free diet. This recipe uses filo pastry which isn’t gluten free but you can substitute it for a vegan short crust or your favourite gluten free pastry. As long as it holds in that creamy tofu filling you’ll be fine! Season with salt and pepper to taste and then blitz again to mix in seasoning.

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