100 vegan recipes at the Virtual Vegan Potluck 2.0- TODAY IS THE DAY!!

100 vegan recipes at the Virtual Vegan Potluck 2.0- TODAY IS THE DAY!!

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Welcome to the SECOND Virtual Vegan Potluck. Please, relax, sit back and be prepared to enjoy an incredibly feast for the eyes. All of the recipes are vegan. is happy to be hosting again. Of course a big thanks goes out to Annie, Somer and Jason for working so hard to get this idea off the ground. A round of applause please! With no further adieu, please, raise your glass and enjoy! HOST SITE Vegan Bloggers Unite! Tags: #VVP12, #VVPNOV, The Veg Bar, Vegan Bloggers Unite! So excited that it’s finally here! Excellent job getting them all listed with links, it’s a mammoth vegan feast! Thanks so much to everyone for all the hard work and great recipes! To nibble on the dish to my right from Earthgiven Kitchen, click here! To start at the beginning of the potluck and check out the gracious host – Vegan Bloggers Unite! click here!  With everything covered from appetizers to desserts, you could enjoy dining from one course to the next, only stopping occasionally to dab your mouth with a cloth napkin or to take a sip of cucumber water.  Well, you’re in luck!  Today’s post is part of the second annual Virtual Vegan Potluck, a blog circle connecting other bloggers who are eager to bring a course to this online party, which just so happens to fall on World Vegan Day!  I hope you’ve brought your appetite! The blog before mine in the potluck is 40 Fit In The Mitt.  It’s a vegan potluck, consisting over over 100 bloggers, each sharing one dish virtually (online).  Last May’s VVP was such a success that this 2nd round got it’s own beautiful website and now Annie has Somer and Jason helping her manage the whole production!  By scrolling down to the bottom, you can either choose to go forward to the next dish, or go back to the dish before mine.

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