Vegan chili con quinoa! And some great no-corn bread muffins!

Vegan chili con quinoa! And some great no-corn bread muffins!

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Vegan 'Chili con Quinoa' with 'No-Corn Bread' and 'Chilly Chili Limeonade'! My dad was the cook in our family and made what he enjoyed most. He loves anything spicy and hearty so chili was a staple. He made it in a few different ways. He made a great bean-filled fiery vegetarian chili and a delicious chili con carne (meat chili). My dad always leans towards vegetarian cooking when given the opportunity. He enjoys many meatless meals and loves beans more than anyone I know. The food he cooked the most for us as kids was definitely Tex-Mex. He loves cowboy-style baked beans, chili, tacos, fajitas and nachos. He douses anything and everything with hot sauce, hot pickled banana peppers and red chili flakes for an extra kick. I can remember a few meals where the food was so spicy my mom refused to eat. Beyond my dad's cooking, I enjoy chili every summer at an annual 'corn roast' held at my mom's book editor's farm. The couple invites all their friends and family for a day of hay rides, homemade chili, corn on the cob, baked beans, and more desserts than you can try. I love going out there. The food is delicious and the setting is breathtaking. The last time we went, I introduced my husband to our tradition. I have really cut back on eating beans for the past few months. As a vegetarian with a soy allergy, this choice has been hard to stick to. For the past several years, beans have been a staple in my diet and my main source of protein. I love Middle Eastern food, especially hummus and falafel, so going without beans has been hard. I made the choice because I have a really hard time digesting beans and pulses. I often end up with intense stomach pain right after eating them and end up bloated the next day.

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