Vegan Reuben-ish Sandwich

Vegan Reuben-ish Sandwich

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Then I forgot about it. As dinner time rolled around I remembered the seitan but had no clue what t make.  Naturally, I turned to Facebook and Twitter. Wow, lots of people chimed in with suggestions!  There were some super-fancy suggestions, like quiche and carbonara, and some easier suggestions, such as a BLT or a reuben sandwich. I had sauerkraut on hand so the reuben idea won. Of course, once I started pulling it together I realized I really didn’t much about a reuben, other than sauerkraut.  So I Googled it.  Corned beef? Seitan bacon.  Swiss cheese?  Mexican shreds (Galaxy Nutritional Foods).  Thousand Island dressing?  I mixed Nayonaise (vegan mayo), catsup, sweet relish and a squirt of Sriracha – to bring out the spice of the Mexican cheese shreds.  Rye bread? No clue, so I made it like a grilled cheese sandwich.  I (vegan) buttered my bread and layered up the sandwich in the skillet: bacon, sauerkraut, cheese shreds and a dollop of thousand island dressing. I served the warm sandwich with a raw salad of baby arugla salad, broccoli sprouts and a bit of tahini dressing. Before you get too excited about the delicious vegan bacon, I have bad news.  It was a limited edition product that was included in the “Seitan Worship” deal from Spencer’s Market. I ran into the fine folks behind Upton’s Naturals at the Connecticut VegFest and told them how much I loved the bacon; they shared that it’s actually really expensive to make (they need a big machine to slice it thinly in large quantities). Thanks, Facebook and Twitter friends, for helping me with dinner last night! Go Vegan with JL: Learn to be compassionate to yourself, and to others. Post-40 I became a marathoner and triathlete, changed careers, and transitioned from vegetarian to vegan.

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