Vegan Post-Hardcore Cashew Cheese

Vegan Post-Hardcore Cashew Cheese

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I’ve probably uttered the words, “I can’t live without cheese! It’s so good!” in my life. It’s understandable- cheese is delicious. Pizza, although it’s total junk food, tastes amazing and is a $40 billion industry in the US. The realities of cruelty in the dairy industry, however, tell a different story from the cows’ perspective (I won’t go into too much detail here but you can read about it here if you want). A deviled egg was the last non-vegan item I ate willingly, but quesadillas and pizza were such cheap, easy, and tasty staples of my diet that I wondered if I could ever do without them. Vegan cheese options aren’t really terrific, either. Daiya brand cheese-style shreds are ok, but they’re very oily and expensive and don’t contain much nutrition. Blocks of soy cheese taste pretty bland and I’m trying to avoid soy when possible. There is even a variety of almond cheese at my co-op that lists whey powder as one of its ingredients, so that’s a no-go, too (why would they do that?). Most of the cheeses had a cashew base. I followed the recipes exactly but my final product never looked as firm or as delicious as the ones in the picture, until I said “fuck it” to recipe-based cashew cheesemaking and decided to reinvent these recipes myself. What follows is in this post is not a simple, step-by step recipe for a specific kind of cashew cheese. Instead, I’ll be delivering the key points of the Veg News article through detailed pictures and branching points for softer/harder, milder/tangier cheeses. I’ll even provide you with an estimate of exactly how much this stuff will cost as well. I rarely cook with a recipe anyway, and I feel like I enjoy experimenting with cashew cheese enough to make it a little different each time, and it always comes out super-tasty.

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