Vegan Panzanella with Rum Herb Dressing

Vegan Panzanella with Rum Herb Dressing

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I made this recipe myself and shot the photos of the finished product, although I did it with Ontario tomatoes instead of the famed New Jersey ones that Laura has at her disposal. I swear, even though it means turning on your oven for a few minutes, it’s worth it. I’m giving away a copy of The Market Vegan to a lucky commenter, too. I’ve been vegan for over three years and started down the path one day in May. If you’ve been considering a vegetarian or vegan diet, this is the best time of year to try a light and healthy meatless menu!When asked by those considering a vegan lifestyle, I say start simple. One of the biggest issues with preparing vegan meals can be the price of substitutes for animal based products. You don’t need them! My daughter became a vegetarian when she was 9 so I had some experience with recipes without meat, but removing dairy and cheese was a real challenge! One of my first successes was vegan pizza. Here at the Jersey Shore, we love our pizza, so when I finally found a way to not only make it at home but without fake cheese, I was thrilled! Eggplant provides a good, moist base, and you can then build your pizza with whatever vegetable options you have on hand. (Note from Kim: I tested the vegan pizza for the cookbook and it’s another recipe I loved.)After that recipe revamp came Compassionate Quiche, Peanut Butter Pie, and a tofu scramble that’s even better than scrambled eggs. Be patient, be inventive, but don’t give up! Adding vegan recipes to your repertoire is easier than you think, and there are lots of resources available to you.

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