Vegan Beet & Lime Soup with Cilantro Puree

Vegan Beet & Lime Soup with Cilantro Puree

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What is better than coming in from a blustery day to a warm and steaming bowl of soup? This Beet and Lime soup is zesty and fragrant and wonderful for your digestive tract and heart. It also boasts some strong immune system boosters (but I won’t delve too deeply into those as next week’s recipe is ALL about protecting yourself at the peak of flu season). Beets are another one of my favorite ingredients for cooking and baking because they are so versatile. I shred them for salads, I juice them and use them in smoothies and they are absolutely delicious when oven roasted. In that form they can be used to create so many incredible meals or elements of a meal, like soup! As you may have learnt from last week’s post (Raw Vegan Truffles), an antioxidant rich diet is crucial for maintaining good health and prevention of degenerative diseases. The betalains pigments in beets are also known to support detoxification in the body by gathering active and unwanted toxic chemicals and attaching them to small nutrient groups.  They then neutralize, thus making them sufficiently water-soluble, which means we can they excrete them in our urine. A more commonly known health benefit of the beet is its high fibre content. This means that they are a wonderful food to consume when having digestive issues that may result in constipation. The very specific type of fibre in beets (also found in carrots) is becoming well known for its colon cancer fighting properties. The nutrients in beets are best delivered in their raw state, as cooking significantly reduces many of their health benefits. Shredding beets for salads or using beets for juices are definitely your best bet. If you decide to cook your beets, make sure not to overcook.

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