The Virtual Vegan Potluck 2.0

The Virtual Vegan Potluck 2.0

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The Virtual Vegan Potluck 2.0  is just around the corner and you know what that means!  Since it’s 2.o that must mean it’s bigger, better, and slightly more expensive.  And this year it even comes with its own website! I will be sharing an entry in the appetizer section that is such a well guarded secret that I have not even let myself know what I have in store.  I keep trying to guess (salsa? onion rings?) but I have an excellent poker face and I can’t seem to get a read on myself.  In any case, we’ll all know what I have up my sleeve on VVP 2.0 day. The VVP will not pass you by- the event is planned for November 1 which is also World Vegan Day, the day Fruit Fingers delivers tofu to all the good vegan boys and girls.  But don’t sneak any cheese during the year or he will leave manure in your vegetable bin.  You’ve been warned. Theme: Bold Life by Jay Hafling.

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