Tamari, Mirin and Date Marinade for Baked Tofu and Grilled Tempeh

Tamari, Mirin and Date Marinade for Baked Tofu and Grilled Tempeh

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We bought it on a 70-degree day, believing spring was here. I was thinking about a barbecue sauce, but my eyes kept wandering toward a section of the cupboard with some of my Asian ingredients: mirin, tamari sauce, rice vinegar. Hmm, with a liquid smoke, I could make an Asian barbecue sauce! An idea was born but I will get to the recipe in a moment because I have to explain why the grilling didn’t happen. We purchased the grill at Home Depot on Thursday but needed them to remove one of the side shelves so it would fit in the car. They said it would be done in an hour. We decided to pick it up Friday – which is the morning I made the Tamari, Mirin and Date Marinade – but we both got way caught up in our work and didn’t make it to Home Depot. Lucky for me, I read lots of blogs. Thursday Ginny Messina posted Iron Nutrition: Why the Rules are Different for Vegans and after reading the post I was a wee-bit obsessed about using my cast iron skillet both for it’s iron properties and because Isa convinced me I could make amazing browned tofu. I had already marinaded the tofu!  So instead of browning it according to Isa’s instructions, I simply chose to bake the marinated tofu on a cast iron grill skillet. This is the best baked tofu I have ever made! The cast iron skillet is my new tofu baking method of choice! We picked up the grill Saturday morning and later that day  I made the exact same marinade – halving the recipe – this time for tempeh. I chopped up that grilled romaine and onion and served it was a warm salad with the tempeh. This marinade is absolutely delicious and is omnivore approved because my husband says I should use it anytime we have guests over and are making tofu.

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