Soy-free Broccolini White Bean Chickpea Frittata.

Soy-free Broccolini White Bean Chickpea Frittata.

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Soy-free Broccolini White Bean Frittata. one recipe at a time! With whole, organic and healthy foods. No Soy, no tofu, just beans, broccolini, spices and herbs. Serve it warm with a generous drizzle of Sriracha or a creamy cool ranch or both. Or Slice up and make Sammishes. It makes a great breakfast or even a meal. There is Broccolini, carrots and Sun dried tomato in it. Add more or less veggies to preference. The White beans are spiced up with Thyme and lemon and mashed. The beans add a feta-ish taste as well as work to hold the frittata and reduce the chickpea taste. The base is chickpea flour batter. Do stop by to say hi. This Frittata stays well refrigerated as well. Sign up below to get updates in your Inbox. Links and excerpts can be used with credit and a link back to the blog. Recipes, Ingredients, Method, Photography CANNOT be Copied or republished. No work from this blog may be used for republishing and for commercial purposes without our permission. Please contact richahingle (at) gmail (dot) com for permission, questions and inquiries. I was planning on resting yesterday and make more recipes for the cookbook. but there is just so much energy in the air about the game!... Mini Vanilla Pound Cake Loafs. Sweet & Sour Lentils and Mango Lettuce Wraps. Sweet and sour and spicy and completely different from how I usually make my lentils. Mango Lassi and So Delicious Coupon Giveaway! I miss ripe, non fibrous, always sweet Mangoes. Summers meant so many varieties of mangoes and a constant sugar high. You can use these same wrappers to make potstickers, wontons and what no... Banana Oatmeal Quinoa Raisin Muffin top cookies. or a muffin:) or both! When dad finally decides to take a vacation, book his tickets!

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