Raw, vegan strawberry vanilla pudding. Perfect for summer!

Raw, vegan strawberry vanilla pudding. Perfect for summer!

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When I was in the middle of creating the lovely, avocado-based, raw strawberry vanilla pudding above, I was dismayed that it wasn’t a more perfect shade of bubblegum pink; instead, it was sort of a light pink that could easily be mistaken as tan. But the photographs came out alright in the end, and even if they hadn’t, who would care? This pudding is simple, delicious, and a perfect alternative to my classic chocomole. What more could I ask for? In fairness, there are a lot of ways to make raw strawberry pudding. I could have used cashews and Irish moss, or I could have used young coconut meat (which is, by the way, a delightful base for any fruit pudding). I used avocado, which is not only one of my all time favorite foods, but also probably my favorite base for a raw pudding. And it’s also much easier to use avocado if you don’t have a high speed blender than it is nut bases! Since I’m home with my Mom for one more day, I’m still sans-VitaMix. When I set out to make this recipe, I reached for avocado right away. That most wonderful of fruits always has a way of making me feel happy and satisfied; perhaps its all of those healthy polyunsaturated fats! I used dates to sweeten this pudding, though maple syrup and agave would also be perfectly suitable. In all fairness, though, I didn’t test the recipe with either, and I would caution you not to use the almond milk called for if you use a liquid sweetener in place of dates. Place avocado and dates in a food processor and pulse to combine. Turn machine on and drizzle in almond milk and vanilla with water running. Also with the motor running, drop strawberries in one by one; the may not blend evenly at first, but they will eventually!

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