Raw, Zucchini Pasta with Cashew "Alfredo" Sauce and Seared Tempeh

Raw, Zucchini Pasta with Cashew \

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It’s hard to think outside the box. It’s hard in life, and it’s also heard in the realm of food and cooking. This is never more true than in the raw foods world, where so many stark distinctions are drawn between what’s RAW and what’s NOT. To many raw foodists, raw foodism resides entirely in the distinction between foods heated above 115 degrees, and those below; you all know by now that this distinction doesn’t define my relationship with raw food, but even I tend to get overly simplistic in my thinking about raw food vs. cooked food, and how they can be integrated. Case in point: yesterday, I returned to D.C. after a week out of town, and found my fridge to be a little threadbare. That said, I did have a large zucchini that had somehow survived the whole week while staying crisp, along with two red peppers and a box of plump cherry tomatoes. I had (as usual) tons of cashews, and so cashew alfredo seemed like the obvious dinner choice. As I was peering into the back of my fridge to find a lemon, I noticed that I had a package of flax tempeh that I’d forgotten about. My whole identity as a food lover is bound up in integrating raw and cooked foods; emphasizing raw ones, along with raw food preparation techniques (like spiralizing zucchini), but mixing and matching them with nutrient-dense cooked fare, like grains and legumes. Since when do I shy away from a nutritious addition to a meal, simply because it defies traditional raw vs. With that, I promptly got to chopping my tempeh into cubes and searing it in a tiny bit of coconut oil. I whipped up some of my cashew alfredo sauce, and spiralized my zucchini into lovely, long ribbons.

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