Raw Vegan Tacos

Raw Vegan Tacos

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To tell you the truth the 7 days flew by and I felt like I barely scratched the surface of the delicious world of raw vegan (non) cooking. So far, I’ve discovered there’s a raw option for cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, even Mexican. One of the recipes I’ve learned is how to make raw vegan tacos. Recipe from Junia of Mis Pensamientos. I had great fun learning the even more guilt-free lifestyle. Rest assured I’ll continue to learn more raw recipes and have fun along the way. You always find the coolest recipes. That is such a creative recipe. The raw tacos look great. I crave raw foods as the weather gets warmer b/c of the cool, crisp fresh taste. Everything here looks…so fresh and healthy and beautiful. It was very refreshing thanks to Spring Vegan. That ice cream and the fruit burst cookies look quite good. I think I need to do a raw week really soon. I was raw vegan for a little over a year. I always ate a high amount of raw foods before.. You’re definitely not limited eating raw foods, so many options out there, and it gave me a chance to be creative. Warmer months are the time when my diet is mainly raw food, since I have so much of a variety of vegetables and fruits, and the majority is coming directly from our garden. and i’m glad you got to try the ice cream !!! i did the raw food diet once and i felt incredible . Growing up eating heavily meat based dishes, RG often wondered if there’s ANYTHING ELSE out there that would not only TASTE GOOD but also make you FEEL GOOD (no guilt). Lo and behold, she has discovered the delicious world of vegan dishes!

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