Raw Italian “Fried Rice”

Raw Italian “Fried Rice”

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Not to mention, I’ve learned  to recreate familiar dishes from using innovative techniques like transforming zucchini to pasta or cauliflower to rice. The creative ball just keep on rolling! One of the techniques I’ve learned is that I don’t have to necessarily heat food to cook them. I could also marinate and let the ingredients soak the flavors over time. So, I marinated mushrooms in artichoke brine and add them to my cauliflower rice. I have an Italian creation that’s raw, healthy, AND delicious. I didn’t include the artichokes not only because they weren’t raw, but also because they were going to make the dish too tangy. Raw vegan “Hail Merry” macaroons. I got these Whole Foods. I’ve also whipped up some fresh seaweed salad with Nama Shoyu soy sauce, munched on raw vegan cookies, and made a trip to Jamba Juice for some smoothies. One new thing I notice is that I don’t crave for food when I’m not hungry-and I don’t get hungry that often. I guess that’s a good thing? That looks so incredible and fresh. Growing up eating heavily meat based dishes, RG often wondered if there’s ANYTHING ELSE out there that would not only TASTE GOOD but also make you FEEL GOOD (no guilt). Lo and behold, she has discovered the delicious world of vegan dishes! (yes, that’s delicious and vegan in one sentence). Since then, she’s been blogging with fellow Astig, TJ, about recipes they either “veganized” or originally created. Both of them also love to organize vegan potlucks with friends, often kicking butt in the game of charades. They’re also dabbling into the catering world so if you want to have an Astig dish at your party, just give them a holler.

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