Raw Food Wraps! Kale Wraps with Almond and Chickpea Filling

Raw Food Wraps! Kale Wraps with Almond and Chickpea Filling

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Instead, it was actually a little busy: I volunteered for an extra hour, I caught up on countless emails, I finished an outstanding assignment or two, and then I was very honored to be interviewed by a fellow Georgetown pre-med student for a project she’s doing about eating disorders on the Georgetown campus. By the time I got home, I was a hangry, and in a rush to eat, but I wasn’t in the mood to simply throw a salad together: I wanted to create a raw dish, too. Thus began the wild kale wraps above. They’re a little unruly, due to the curly purple kale leaves, but they’re no less delicious for it! I first got the idea for purple curly kale wraps when I visited Superfood Bar in New Orleans. The chef there said that, although the curly red leaves could be very unruly, they were a little sweeter tasting than either regular curly kale or collard leaves (the customary raw foodie wrap of choice). Her wraps, which contained cashew pate and avocado, had none of the bitterness that collard wraps can sometimes have. And this week, when I saw purple curly kale at the market, I knew I had to re-create her lovely dish. What makes this recipe different from that one is the filling I used: knowing I’d be adding avocado to this dish, I wanted to cut a little bit of the fat from the almond filling. Given how fond I am of these two ingredients, and how healthy they are, it shocks me that it has taken so long to marry them in a dish. Now that I have, it’s an instant Choosing Raw favorite. If you use a Vitamix: blend all ingredients together in a high speed blender, using tamp to keep things moving.

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