Raw Fettuccine

Raw Fettuccine

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Yep, I’m taking it one step further- at least for a short while. It’s part of a challenge my friend, Marla of Desire to Acquire has dared me into. I think it all started when I tweeted about raw vegans in the Philippines, and how they’re thriving in such a meat-centric society. Charmaine has posted a couple of recipes on our blog even before learning about my challenge.  I told her the news and asked her for some advice. Within a couple of days, she sent me a recipe on how to make raw Fettuccine. Thanks to Charmaine, I don’t have to sacrifice eating a full meal. I’m surprised it’s easy and simple to make! The recipe was very simple. It only called for pasta, butter, and parmesan cheese. I loved pasta a lot back in the old days so I took it upon myself to create a raw vegan version of it. I’ve made a number of versions of it in the past, and the type of raw nut I used would vary depending on what I had on hand. It’s raw Brazil nuts and Bob’s Red Mill raw pumpkin seeds (other brands don’t taste cheesy to me) that hit the mark for me. Cashews and pine nuts also work, but it’s the Brazil nuts and pepitas that have the characteristic sharpness and nuttiness of parmesan cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano to the gourmets). Here’s the recipe using raw pumpkin seeds. Feel free to substitute them with whatever raw nut you have or prefer. Make long and thin fettuccine strips using the peeler. Sprinkle the salt and mix well into the raw pasta. The noodles will start getting sweaty after a few minutes. Grind the pumpkin seeds into a fine powder using a food processor of coffee grinder (I used the latter).

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