Patriotic Vegan Cheesecake

Patriotic Vegan Cheesecake

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We're your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals & the planet. Families and neighbors join together to celebrate this wonderful country of ours and the freedom living in the USA affords us. The Fourth is also a wonderful excuse to create some magnificent and fun desserts that kids and adults alike will enjoy. Let the red, white, and blue cooking begin! Since this is raw the alcohol will not cook out and will taste bad. Place the container in the fridge to soak. In the afternoon or evening take the container of cashews and macadamias out of the fridge and drain and rinse the nuts. Place the drained and rinsed nuts in your Vitamix along with ½ cup filtered water and blend VERY well. This process will take quite a few minutes and your Vitamix will be working very hard! Make sure you use the center agitator to help it along. You want to mixture to be very, very, very smooth…it will be warm from all of the blending. Once the mixture is smooth, place it in a bowl and combine with the probiotic powder. Place the mixture in a cheesecloth lined colander and cover it. Place the colander in a bowl (in case any liquid leaks out) and leave it out at room temperature for 12 hours to cure (overnight). Meanwhile make the crust by combining the graham style crumbs with the melted Earth Balance and Somersweet. Once combined, press the graham crust into the bottom of a springform pan or create individual cheesecakes by using a mini crumb cake pan and filling each with 1 Tbs. of the graham crust mixture and pushing it down (in a crumb cake pan the bottom of each cake lifts-up to help unmold the cakes). Place in the fridge to set-up. In the morning place the cured cheese mixture in a bowl and use a hand mixer to blend in 1 Tbs.

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