Our Top 10 Favorite Vegan Recipes of 2012

Our Top 10 Favorite Vegan Recipes of 2012

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For your enjoyment, we’ve put together a list of our favorite recipes here at Razz that you can go back to time and time again. From avocado alfredo sauce to sweet potato mac & cheese, we know you’ll love the list. With the right combination of spices and a few minutes to spare, you’ve got yourself a bottomless bowl of your favorite chips. The cheese has a sweet potato base. I was too until I tried it. The sweet potato is baked and mixed with mustard and nutritional yeast to give it the “cheesy” taste. Nutritional yeast is one of those ingredients that has changed my life. It’s the only plant-based source of vitamin B12, which is music to vegans’ ears. It is super versatile and one of the few ways to match the taste of cheese without using dairy. Combining the “cheese” with whole-grain or whole-wheat pasta, the result is a rich, satisfying macaroni and cheese experience, without the food baby to show for it. You’ll get points for a posh dessert and no one will ever know that you made it in the frazzled half an hour that you had between your last work meeting and your dinner party. Drink this first thing, and you’re quickly energized. Yes, it’s bright green and you might be a little skeptical about drinking it, but you’ll soon find that it’s a delicious and vitamin packed staple that you don’t want to go a morning without. Start with these roasted chickpeas. The recipe is simple and straightforward and the end result is easily transportable, perfect for outdoor spring adventures. The garlic, lemon and basil cut the avocado taste and leave behind a fragrant and rich sauce that is as satisfying and comforting as its dairy, butter and egg-laden counterpart, which, by the way, will not be missed.

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